The solution for your eco-design projects
The solution for your eco-design projects
Boost your environmental assessments and move on to eco-design. Ecodesign Studio is the platform that allows you to structure your approach, to easily carry on numerous environmental assessments but also to move on to the next step, that is eco-design. Manage your BOMs, generate LCA results (Life Cycle Assessment) and accelerate your search for solutions!
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Driving your ISO14001 approach becomes child's play. Your ISO 14001: 2015 certification requires you to take into account the concept of the life cycle of your products. Ecodesign Studio is the tool that allows you to answer it: management of action plans, employee involvement, stakeholder analysis, but also and most importantly, dashboards summarizing the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for all the projects carried out!
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Get ready for a collaborative experience. The longevity of the process depends on its appropriation by its various actors, in particular the design, marketing and management. By enabling the involvement of all, through live exchange interfaces between members of a project team and via the possibility of setting differentiated access to each actor, Ecodesign Studio bets on collaboration!
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Customize your platform with the right tools. Your approach is specific to your internal processes and your strategy. Ecodesign Studio allows you to specify your design scenarios and to associate all the tools that correspond to your needs among a catalog of available modules. Do you already use a check-list or other tailor-made tool? No problem, Ecodesign Studio is able to integrate them in its interface!
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Altermaker is a software developer for Sustainable Development and more specifically for eco-design. The company's priority is to develop solutions that are relevant to the needs of companies. To do this, it capitalizes on the experience of its founders in eco-design (particularly in consulting), its privileged links with university research and partnerships with technical centers and experts. This approach allowed the development of Ecodesign Studio: an innovative solution for the management of eco-design.

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To support and train you, partner consulting companies distribute Ecodesign Studio in the following countries.

Of course, you keep the possibility to buy the software directly from Altermaker !

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